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3M Cold Shrink Connector Insulators

  • Installation features make it the preferred coax connection seal
  • Simple installation requires only installer’s hands
  • Good thermal stability
  • Excellent weathering properties, and abrasion resistance
  • Each kit includes a cold shrink EPDM rubber sleeve which is factory-expanded and placed on a removable plastic core
  • The natural tendency of the rubber sleeve to return to its original diameter provides constant radial pressure, forming a reliable, water-resistant seal
  • Reliable seal against water
  • Tough, resilient rubber holds pressure seal, even after exposure
  • Broad application range, can lower inventory costs
  • Easily removed for inspections or disconnects
  • Resistant to fungus, ozone, alkalies and acids

Click links below to view spec sheets.
CSU16835 Specs 16.8mm - 35mm. Length 152mm
CSU24149 Specs 24.1mm - 49mm. Length: 203mm
CSU32268 Specs 32.2mm - 68mm. Length: 229mm